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100% Silk Bedlinen


  100% Silk Sheets

100% Silk Sheets
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The ultimate luxury bedding.

The sensuous pleasures of MartinaTonerEgan's silk label bring a new realm of sensations to the bedroom.

MTE's luxury silk sheets are made from the highest quality silk charmeuse, often named silk satin.

Our silk range has a natural lustrous sheen and is tailored in a timeless style using hemstitching and mitered corners.
Experience the wonderful soft silk against your skin, and it will be a love affair to last for ever!
Naturally cooling in summer and in winter maintains an even warm heat.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and is ideal for allergy sufferers.
Our entire silk range is available in a warm natural Ivory colour.

We can manufacture to specific sizes by contacting us directly.

From eur 99


  100% Silk Pillowcases

100% Silk Pillowcases
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The natural choice is luxury silk bedding.
Our luxury silk pillowcases are made from the high quality silk charmeuse.
Rest your head on silk and your hair shafts will be glossier and the skin smoother, it's an ancient belief!

Naturally hypoallergenic, our silk products are a very suitable choice for allergy sufferers.

Martina's pillowcases come in a natural Ivory colour with 2 styles, Housewife and Oxford

Sold in set of 2.
From eur 44


  100% Silk Duvet Covers

100% Silk Duvet Covers
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Our 100% Mulberry Silk Duvet Covers are even more luxurious and soft than you could imagine and have a soft sheen finish. We tailor our covers with a classic Oxford Style edging and use silk ties to close - see close up image.

Our entire silk range is available in a warm natural Ivory colour.
From eur 195

New Ivory Cashmere Throw

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